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Hello, I'm Terri and I specialize in empowering women who are ready to implement change and begin their next life chapter. You are overwhelmed, unclear with a side of fear but there is something inside you that is already calling to you for change. You want to open that door but with so many questions bombarding your brain, you simple aren't sure where to even begin. 

The call to become your own legend has only been a whisper, but I am here to reinforce you have the power and the strength inside you. Together this whisper can evolve, become more clear and you can not only open that door but you can walk through it and live it. 

Get clear on WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get it. 

There are no rescue squads coming for you.

And you're beginning to realize you don't need them anyways.

Because you don't need to be fixed, just empowered to be your own legend.


6 Week Program

She Rises

for women maintaining their recovery




Personalized Heart Map

An art piece designed to tell your story. Proudly display on your walls your past, present or maybe your future dreams of what lies within your heart. 


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