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gain confidence. Take your power back. 

teaching sober women how to empower their mind & body.



you know how to survive, but do you know how to thriive?


we spent a lifetime feeling toxic: mind & body. being sober is only the first step towards whole health and ultimately living the sober life of your dreams. do you want to just be sober or do you want to be living the dream?


Most sober women don't know how to proceed to the next level.

 you aren't alone,  I can help you!

Terri is a co-creator and an inspiring human being. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for inspiration and a guide.
— Rebeccca

i care about your growth


  • Women who practice balance between mind, body and soul only increase their long term success
  •  Your personal evolution isn't the pathway to relapse, it's the pathway to freedom



I am glad I found a fellow sober woman to guide me through, she just gets me and I am very grateful.
— Joanna

This step-by-step plan shows you how to empower your mind and body!

Caution: May cause freedom, self trust, epic health and activation of your personal power.


3 Easy Steps to Freedom


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The #1 Reason You Aren't Thriiving and The Secret Super- Power Every Sober Woman Needs to Activate Today.



 wouldn't it be great to live so free we end stigma once & for all?



Terri talks about her own sobriety and the collective potential of women.