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Authentically Recovered.



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I'm TERRI HUG, creator of At Soul Level and Health Coach specializing in empowering the rise of conscious women in addiction recovery.

I work with women in recovery who feel overwhelmed figuring out who they are after achieving their sobriety and unveil how to create a healthier life moving forward. 

I help them get the results of clarity on who they are, what they want and provide a customized road map to begin living a healthy, conscious and empowered life immediately! 

I believe in self-empowerment and from my own personal experiences I know everyone has the innate power within them to rise to their true potential.

You re-wrote your story & chose sobriety, now move to the next level! Get my Ultimate Tools & Resources for Living an Empowered Life with two bonus videos on how to move from stuck to flow today!


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First classes are now live & they are free

 Access my first two classes for free! 7 Minute Guided Meditation and my Yoga Nidra Class are now available At Soul Level! 

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feed me! mind, body, soul 3-Day Challenge

Are you ready to begin feeling more healthy and empowered? Take my FUN & FREE 3-day challenge! We will focus on what to ADD IN to your day to feed your mind, body and soul. 

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you+Me+Your DNA

Receive Genomic testing to find out what kind of eating style you should follow, what exercises are best for your body and metabolic responses based off your DNA! Get your results through Dr. Kim and I can work with you on how to implement the changes one on one!

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