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The missing step in the current recovery model

the new thrive step

Empowering women leading to whole health & personal freedom 



Your personal growth in Recovery is stunted. You want to feel more empowered, lead with your intuition, harness whole health and release the fear.

I can show you how.


Have you reached a point in your sobriety where you want to trust yourself more & feel more empowered? Deep down you hear your intuition telling you to move beyond this point.

I felt this way too.

Guess what this means? It means you have simply outgrown it. you are Ready to go to the next level. 


Unfortunately, most of the recovery scene has gotcha like “don’t be to free, you might slip up girl! Stay inside this box so you remain safe!”



 there's a missing step in the standard recovery program

-thrive mode-

and it's yours if you want it


so what do you know about evoking your superpower (your intuition)? do you know the exact steps to take to unleash all of you and self prescribe yourself a dose of healthy freedom?

you and i could move mountains together.  

thrive phases

the thrive step includes 5 phases. these five phases nourish you mind, body and soul working at a completely different vibration and from a well of resources not typically found in the recovery arena.

join the new tribe-the revolution for the evolution of women


Your evolution awaits




courses for sober women


Beginner's meditation



the sober woman's must-have road map- 2020



restorative practice



feed me! mind,body,soul 3-day challenge



I am glad I found a fellow sober woman to guide me through, she just gets me and I am very grateful.
— Joanna

Interview with Terri Hug about her sobriety journey and why she became a coach to empower women.

Terri is a calm, professional and thoughtful guide. I have a direction and a better overall grasp of my needs as an artist.
— Rebecca
I no longer have insomnia and I manage stress now, it doesn’t manage me! I took my power back!
— Ella

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