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you don't need to be fixed, be empowered




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Hello, I'm Terri and I specialize in empowering women who are ready to implement change to reach their health and lifestyle goals. I offer in person coaching sessions and courses through At Soul Level. 

Get clear on WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW to get it. There are no rescue squads coming for you. And you're beginning to realize you don't need them anyways.

Because you don't need to be fixed, just empowered to begin the next chapter of your life.


Opening Soon

The virtual library to access courses, tips, tricks and free gems is opening in November. Custom designed to support the rise of all women. 

From Stuck to flow

It's overwhelming to feel completely stuck. You know you want to feel better, but to dig yourself out of that space seems impossible. If your ready to dip your toes in some actionable steps to help you move from stuck to flow-get started with this free video. 


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you+Me+Your DNA

Receive Genomic testing to find out what kind of eating style you should follow, what exercises are best for your body and metabolic responses based off your DNA! Get your results through Dr. Kim and I can work with you on how to implement the changes one on one!

Personalized Heart Map

An art piece designed to tell your story. Proudly display on your walls your past, present or maybe your future dreams of what lies within your heart. 

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