The Quest to Discover the Art of Coming Alive; Opening the Minds of 2,010 Strangers On the Road


You must leave your comfort zone, fold up the security blanket, take off the life vest, keep driving when they all turn to yellow…it is these unknown spaces I live for, chant in and pound a ritualistic drum beat to…to feel, to know, to be alive!” ~Terri Hug

As an extension of The Pyro Project I set out on a journey to dive deep into the minds of strangers, asking “What makes you come alive?” What does living the act of being alive look like? What does it feel like? Does it smell of lilacs and only arrive in gently breezes? Does it follow destruction or only visit the pure? Why is it important to feel alive?

With a solitary cup of ambition, no itinerary, an open road and curiosity as the primary compass I am currently opening myself up to experience the answers. Will this relentless heart and retracting introvert find the answers?

The Deadline: Complete before my next milestone birthday. Tick tock

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P.S. Have you tasted life in a unique way? Give me a shout out, I would love to interview you!