unpacking the Minds of 2,010 Strangers;

the quest to discover

the art of coming alive


You must leave your comfort zone, fold up the security blanket, take off the life vest, keep driving when they all turn to yellow…it is these unknown spaces I live for, chant in and pound a ritualistic drum beat to…to feel, to know, to be alive!” ~Terri Hug

After losing what seemed to be everything, including my mother, I opened myself up to a new life, new way of thinking and being. I set out on a journey to dive deep into the minds of strangers, asking “What makes you come alive? How do you feed your own soul growth? What are you currently seeking in your life?” 

The Quest began in April 2016. I fumbled and aimlessly drove around the United States trying to get out of my own comfort zone and connect. I have traveled to: Asheville NC, Nashville TN, Charleston SC, a slew of various places along the NC coast, Milwaukee WI, Chicago IL, San Francisco CA, Phoenix AZ and Seattle WA. 

I have only obtained roughly 100 answers but a wealth of soul growth. As I continue to travel and uncover these answers, I am now going to marry my findings on the road to a virtual interview space through my new Facebook Group. 

Will this relentless heart and retracting introvert find 2,010 answers? Will you help by contributing your thoughts to this project?

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