Heart Map-By Astrological Sign

Heart Map-By Astrological Sign

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Heart Map individualized by Astrological signs.

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Map of My Heart, Astrological Signs

Choose your Heart Map based on your Astrological Sign! Large City Name is your astrological sign and surrounding city names are based off each personality type. 

Aries: Courageous, Strong, Positive, Optimistic, Independent, Stubborn, Generous, Willful, Commanding, Pioneer, Dynamic, Leader, Quick-Witted

Taurus: Kind, Dependable, Determined, Strong, Stubborn, Possessive, Trustworthy, Loyal, Compassionate, Grounded, Sensual, Persistent, Reliable

Gemini: Spirited, Adjustable, Smart, Witty, Fun, Charismatic, Carefree, Inconsistent, Playful, Cerebral, Chatty, Inquisitive, Tense

Cancer: Compassion, Guardians, Empathy, Trustworthy, Anxious, Loyal, Gentle, Intuitive, Imaginative, Cautious, Touchy, Changeable, Emotional

Leo: Confident, Vigor, Energetic, Determined, Loyal, Warm, Impulsive, Reliable, Generous, Protective, Organized, Creative, Broad-Minded 

Virgo: Meticulous, Harsh, Reliable, Practical, Intelligent, Analytical, Deep, Thorough, Sensitive, Particular, Logical, Critical

Libra: Tact, Romantic, Charming, Diplomatic, Easy Going, Indecisive, Fineness, Responsible, Confident, Balanced, Laid Back, Beauty seeker, Sense of justice

Scorpio: Determined, Powerful, Compulsive, Magnetic, Sensitive, Amazing, Loyal, Dedicated, Protective, Intense, Passionate, Combative, Reflective

Sagittarius: Adventurer, Jovial, Good Humored, Honest, Philosophical, Broad minded, Ease, Adjustable, Independent, Optimistic, Sincere, Happy, Creative,

Capricorn: Ambitious, Practical, Prudent, Careful, Humorous, Disciplined, Patient, Reliable, Dedicated, Endurance, Timeless,  Driven, Calculating

Aquarius: Intelligent, Friendly, Energetic, Brilliant, Eccentric, Strange, Detached, Forward thinker, Communicative, Unpredictable, Original, Generous, Dedicated

Pisces: Imaginative, Creative, Focused, Dedicated, Talented, Compassionate, Sensitive, Spontaneous, Faithful, Pessimistic, Submissive, Likeable, Passionate

This map symbolizes an anatomical human heart. Poetic words are nestled to the left of the heart. The compass depicts Curiosity should always remain at one's center and the key to finding your direction. 

This makes a perfect, individualized gift for anyone!

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