"I wasn't sent here

to explain the madness,

I was sent here

to be honest about it."

~Terri Hug


I was sent here to be organically raw
to be uncomfortably honest...

to grab insanity in the palm of my hands
and blow its dust to the stars

I kneel at the altar of
self love
self empowerment
self expression
and practice unfriending
self perfection

So I roam the earth
just searching for the others…

The ones who give or want to give total approval today
In the body of today
In the mind of today
The ones that want to unlock the door to their inner battles
Warrior style

The ones who want more out of life
The nonconformists
The dreamers
The fascinating disasters

Every age, every body, every religion
No boundaries, no excuses

I want to practice this thought
Be this thought
Aren’t we all just gathered here to
get our hands dirty
in the manifestation
of this thought?

It begins with you

 This is The Art of Coming Alive