Hello World, I'm Your Heart Map

In 2016 I became pregnant with a brainchild I couldn’t wait to release to the world. Not only is it a personal manifestation of my own journey, it is intended to bring the magic of art to others by using the power of storytelling for soulful expression and medicinal purposes.

Within all of us lies a personalized road map containing our stories, experiences, mistakes, fears, accomplishments, joys and the people and places that mean the most to us. There is no one like you. I truly believe all of us deserve to tell our stories with the intention to free ourselves, express ourselves and celebrate ourselves. In doing so, we invite others to do the same.

Heart Map came through me shortly after beginning a two year personal quest in 2016. The quest is to interview 2,010 strangers asking them what makes them come alive and is there a universal answer? When talking to stranger after stranger I realized I was really asking them about what lies in their heart. The more I talk to people, the more I hear their past and feel their future. I began visualizing their hearts like mini road maps to my answers. Heart Map was born, an artistic creation of this experience. Nestled to the left of this art piece is a poem I wrote specifically for this creation. 

Have you ever noticed the times when you felt most alive, happy and free was when whatever was in your head or heart, was also happening outside your body?

The Art of Coming Alive is the space where your inner and outer worlds collide. My Heart Map is the visual bridge of this intimate idea.

Through the Customized Heart Map I am asking you to expose your soul.  I am asking you to claim your space in an artistic expression. When we give space for our whole selves to show up, we sign up for a holistic dosage of self-love.

You deserve this space.  The space where you write across the sky “This is Me”.

What makes you come alive? Are you bold enough to answer the question and hang it on a wall for everyone to see? Is there someone in your life you wish could see their own brilliance and want to use the Heart Map as a message in the bottle to their soul?

I invite you to this creative playground where we lift each other up by allowing space for all of us to be who we want to be, inside and out. There is no perfection here, only connection.

“Your story is waiting to be told” ~Heart Map

Lets Tell Your Story