M.D's Aren't Trained; How a Health Coach Can Help You

Many people ask, “What the heck is a health coach & how would they help me?” It starts by understanding the role of your primary doctor first. "WE LEARN NOTHING ABOUT NUTRITION CLAIM MEDICAL STUDENTS"  is an article to explain what an MD is trained in and what they are not and why you may or may not be receiving all the information you deserve to improve your health if all you are using is an MD for your healthcare. And no, the U.S. doesn't differ much.

Health Coaches do not diagnose or treat ailments but there are lifestyle changes you can make to create monumental changes to your overall health. Unfortunately, there’s a 90% chance that information will not come to you from the standard doctor of today, simply because they were never trained to. You may be told something vague like, “exercise more & eat better” but then what do you do from there? Nor is it currently standard to evaluate your gut health or talk specifically about food. Big loss here! This may leave you wandering the earth in search of your own answers and/or having the option to become married to pills to manage pain and health related barriers.

A health coach is the bridge from what your doctor recommends to implementation at home and will provide you with a broader prospective to see from. Simply put: we help you navigate this disconnect and we are specifically trained how to.

“Are you just going to tell me to eat more broccoli and join a gym?” Not really. I am interested in looking at you from a whole perspective and will begin by asking questions like; How are your stress levels? How’s your digestion, your sleep? Are your current relationships healthy? How do you feed yourself beyond what’s on your plate? This is mind, body, soul care. I believe all these aspects contribute or deplete your health, therefore all must be evaluated when helping someone put a plan together to heal, grow & improve their health.

Currently in the US we are seeing the rise of integrative clinics, which is a collaboration of people that can see the benefits of this wider prospective and their practices/clinics include a mix of medical doctors, functional medicine practitioners and health coaches. This to me is a more complete health care system. It is literally a mix of eastern and western philosophies, one not out weighing the other. It’s a beautiful union that only benefits us all.

The person who is currently not listened to, not asked broader questions or only offered a bottle of pills for their traumas, losses or ailments is starved. I believe we deserve more than that and I happy that my job is about coming together to sit at a bigger table to be properly fed of ALL life nutrients to experience more health and well-being.

As health coaches we are the under-current of movement pushing to expand our current healthcare. The good news is, things are changing. Until we see a total evolution of this system and it is available for everyone, I am invested in doing the work to hydrate this system.

You don’t need to be fixed, be empowered.

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