How to Say Goodbye By Saying Hello Instead

When we become stuck, in any aspect of our lives, creating the vision of what we want our lives to be is the key to sustainable change. The work to bring that vision to life is an eclectic combination of letting go of things that do not support this vision and letting in what does supports it.

However, the letting go can sometimes be very difficult as it puts us into a state of resistance. For example, going on a diet tells us “no bread, no soda, no, no, no!” We have now moved our thoughts entirely on what we cannot have versus what we are inviting in.

If letting go is a crucial part of growth, how do we let go without resistance?

One of my secrets to setting up my coaching clients for success is The Art of Hellos. Instead of focusing on saying goodbye to behaviors or foods, we focus on what we can add in! This creates an organic “crowd out” process that is easier to achieve and more sustainable.

5 Ways of “Saying Goodbye” Naturally by Saying “Hello” Instead:

1.       I Over Eat at Meals and Find Myself Eating a lot of Sweets.

Say hello to water. Add in 2 glasses of water before each meal and before sweets. This will naturally give your body the hydration it needs while providing a little less real estate for the sweets and excessive foods.

2.       I’m Super Stressed at Work.

Say hello to breath work. Since you can’t tell your boss to lighten the load, what is the option? The sympathetic nervous system serves your body to accelerate your heart rate, raises blood pressure and all those good things needed when in a fight or flight situation. How lucky are we, if being chased by a bear, this kicks in without the need for our approval and protects us? The parasympathetic nervous system is the opposite, serving the body to rest, digest and slows it down. High stress at work shifts your nervous system into running like there’s a bear and over time this can lead to burn out. Yoga and breath work mindfully directs the breath to come from the belly, activating that parasympathetic system which signals the body to switch gears and slow down. This takes you out of bear mode! Check out my No Stress Express lunchtime classes & I will guide you through it. Work smarter, not harder by adding in this super simple weapon of health!

3.       I Don’t Have Time to Care for Myself.

Say hello to self-care rituals. Let me respond first by simply saying yes you do have time. We all have 24 hours in the day. You think Beyonce has 27 and that's her edge? If you think you don’t have time, you have a priority problem not a time problem. I highly encourage yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki etc. to take care of yourself. However,  let’s keep it real, I do know we can all become busy! When time doesn’t permit adding in small selfcare rituals is a vital lifeline to keep you on track. A hot washcloth on your neck before you go to bed, heating pad on your back, meditation, essential oils or laying your thoughts in a journal are super simple selfcare rituals you do have time for. Remember your worth and you’ll remember the time you do have.

4.       I Can’t Do That.

Say hello to affirmations. If you’re going to tell yourself over and over that you can’t do something, guess what? You probably won’t be able to. Not because it’s true, it’s because you set the stage for yourself with your own thought road block. An effortless way to work on changing your thoughts is using affirmations. Buy them or make them yourself. Place on your mirror, in your pocket, or in your car and simply read it every time you see it. That’s it! Over time you will add in positive thoughts that will organically crowd out the negative chatter without much effort at all.

5.       I Can’t Keep Up With My Racing Thoughts

Say hello to honorable time. When we become so caught up in our children’s sports, to-do lists and errands we forget to unplug and before you know it our mind is overloaded on racing thoughts. Adding in honorable time, that is time that honors your soul, will crowd out the activities that steal it. Take off your shoes and walk in the grass, stop on the way to your car and let the sun soak your face or turn off your phone for 5 minutes and listen to music. Your racing thoughts are a sign you have forgotten about the other channels out there to listen to. Adding in activities that call you home will feed the soul and crowd out the ridiculous mind chatter and naturally prioritize your to-do list.


When we focus on all the wonderful things we can ADD to our lives instead of what we should take away, we crowd out what needs to leave naturally and change our vibration to a more positive and empowering one. This is how you invite long term and sustainable changes into your life, setting yourself up for success. Our entire outlook shifts. When our thoughts change, our actions change, leading us closer to creating the life we want and deserve.