Let the Quest Begin

“You must leave your comfort zone, fold up the security blanket, take off the life vest, keep driving when they all turn to yellow…it is these unknown spaces I live for, chant in and pound a ritualistic drum beat to…to feel, to know, to be alive!” ~Terri Hug


As an extension of The Pyro Project, I have officially launched my quest to interview 2,010 people before my next milestone birthday. On April 20, 2016 the starting pistol was fired as I set out on a journey to dive deep into the minds of strangers asking “What makes you come alive?”

What does living the act of being alive look like? What does it feel like? Does it smell of lilacs and only arrive in gently breezes? Does it follow destruction or only visit the pure? Why is it important to feel alive?

Leaving home with a sketchy plan of visiting Johns Island South Carolina to begin my quest, the car came to a screeching halt when author Chris Guillebeau sent his e-newsletter announcing he would be stopping in Nashville TN on his book tour for his new book, Born For This, the following day.

Hello Synchronicity, you are looking quite lovely this evening. The car turned west bound at 90-95mph.

After losing literally quite everything in 2010, an Amazon birdie originally delivered Guillebeaus’ book The Art of Non-Conformity into my hands. From there I pushed aside the standard mashed potatoes & gravy dinners and began feeding myself with piles of knowledge from his books. Within the last year, a quest of my own became a seedling in an ongoing effort to go against the grain. There was no way I could miss the opportunity to see the author who helped me build back up from rock bottom.

Serendipity and I had the most wonderful dance that evening.

Not only did I meet the author who quenched my thirst for bucking the system and living life on your own terms, I was able to share with him that I was hot on the heels of launching my own quest as we spoke. That evening the doors to my quest blew open and the first question to be asked in a series of 2,010 was asked unexpectedly to the man who inspired me to ask them in the first place. Holy shit, that just happened.


What makes Chris Guillebeau come alive?


He held a lot of space for discussion and answers to the question. When he sees how the art he creates (words, books, courses, blog posts, travels, endeavors) inspires others, he comes alive. When he can see or hear about it in motion, it fuels his fire. As if to say, that ripple effect in the ocean keeps the tidal waves flowing.

Chris Guillebeau

Beginning this quest was a way to up my growth game and expand The Pyro Project even further. Have you ever thought about challenging yourself with a personal goal or a quest? Are there things, feelings or fears holding you back? What could you accomplish if you wrestled fear to the ground?

Chris Guillebeau once said “I may succeed, I may fail-but I’ve committed to documenting the entire process for you, win or lose.”


With a solitary cup of ambition, no itinerary, an open road and curiosity as the primary compass I am currently opening up my introvert-self to experience 2,009 more answers. To me the unintended kick off was a solid nod from the Universe and I never felt more alive to continue a journey out of rebellious love and pure creative intention.


Follow me on this journey to be inspired or contribute to the much-needed conversation of what it means to be fully alive. Our days are numbered here on this island of misfit toys we call Earth, so do you know what makes you feel alive? Why is it important to have or find an answer?