She Rises on Inauguration Day

If we are ever to fold our opposing ways, unfurl our hearts and truly come alive it will begin with opening ourselves up to our true nature. This is a quick creed, a call out to the wild women, the fellow souls that run with wolves. This is a beautiful day.

I don’t condemn, I don’t convert. I am simply a believer in the power that resides in all of us.

The phoenix rises from ashes. She doesn't rise from a smooth crest, a clean slate nor an easy beginning. She rises from soot; the incomplete matter that is left when something burns. She knows her fear & her doubt are hers to reign. This is her fuel, not her weakness. Today you will rise, rise from the ashes of the hopes you once had. Today begins the fire and destruction of those hopes. And its ok. Because today you open yourself up to a higher vibration. A higher knowledge, that this..this is the way it is meant to be. This is Kali destroying what needs to be destroyed for our light to shine.

This is the perfect storm for the wild women to rise.

And we will.

Stay vigilant, stay aware, open yourself to becoming awake. Because you are ready. Shes been whispering deep down from the arctic floor "Wake up wild one". Answer her. Don't be afraid. You know her. Shes the one that bleeds out your hands every time your pen and paper have that sacred dance. You are her marionette when you dance, feel, cry and rage. No matter where we are in this world we will build each other up. No matter what life chapter you are in, you can rise.

When you can feel this, you can then see; Today is a beautiful day.