I want to pick destinies for each chapter, not just one for this life. I want to roll out the welcome mat for unexpected turns and invite the fork in the road to dinner. Most are only born once. I eloquently refuse to be most of us.
— Terri Hug




authentically recovered



I am a coach who specializes in working with women in Alumni phase of their recovery. I love helping women harness their intuition to create confidence, reduce stress, release fear and learn how to holistically empower their mind and bodies to increase health.

I teach the Thriive program-the holistic alumni recovery program- which empowers women leading to personal freedom.




Originally from Milwaukee Wisconsin, Terri defies categorization. She hop scotches the country, always in search of anything that makes her feel alive.

Her work is intuitive, empowering and rises from the foundation of compassion and love. 

Her purpose is to connect consciously and be directed by love. 

When she's not working Terri can be found creating various projects, traveling, curled up with her cats or talking about motorcycles to anyone who will listen. 



She is a Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Yoga and meditation Instructor who studied under Poonam Gupta, The Yoga Gyan Jyoti Center for Yoga and Ayurveda.


Creative Maven At Play

Heart Map is a visual representation of what makes you come alive! Available for purchase HERE.

The Pyro Project was created by Terri to raise money for 3 Little Birds for Life, a cancer organization granting wishes to adults with cancer. Buy the Affirmation Decks HERE and 100% of the proceeds goes to 3 Little Birds 4 Life.




Also find her here:

Salt Paper Ink

Salt Paper Ink